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The Dance of Trees is a set of plates realised using the ancient technique of glass fusion. Each plate comes from a single sheet of Murano glass fused at 800°.

Each image is the deconstruction and reconstruction of a single negative capturing a tree in the desert of Death Valley. There are 12 unique image compositions, divided in 3 sets of 4 plates each, numbered in an edition of 5.

Title: CONFINE - The Dance of Trees
Author: Vittoria Gerardi
Year: 2021
Material: white Murano glass
Technique: fused glass
Size: 26cm
Set: A, B, C
Number of plates (per set): 4
Edition: 5


Working with white Murano glass


The Dance of Tress, SET C

Glass fused process at VetrofusoDanielaPoletti


The Dance of Tress, matrix

The Dance of Tress, SET C

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