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The state of latency that photography contains is at the origin of Vittoria Gerardi’s visual research: to reveal the border that separates the visible from the invisible, to flee from any representation of reality printed in the negative.

It is the Death Valley, in the United States, that inspired her to create the series Confine. The elements of light and time at the origin of this experience translate into a selection of photographic fragments of the desert, contained in space by lines and other symbolic forms. Vittoria continues her study and time once again happens to be the starting material for her series on the ruins of Pompeii. In this series, the artist chose to fix the memory of the city by veiling her photographs with plaster, as well as embedding other prints in plaster sculptures, of which only a tiny part remained visible.

With her project entitled “Latenza”, Vittoria tries to understand the language of a photograph before it can actually express its visible nature. In so doing, she explores the concept of the latent image which lies within all prints before they are even revealed.

Vittoria Gerardi’s work has been widely acclaimed by private collectors and public institutions and the Marta Herford museum in Germany held an important exhibition in 2021 showcasing a vast selection of artworks from her first two series. Born in Venice in 1996, Vittoria studied in New York and London.

Representative galleries

Bigaignon, Paris

mc2gallery, Milan/Montenegro

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